Solar Panels

Generation of Renewable Energy

After minimising energy consumption, renewable energy sources help in generating additional energy that can be used to become independent from the grid (Net Zero) or sell the additional energy produced to the grid. Solar panels have the potential to create enough energy for your home to sustain itself all year long.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

All strategies mentioned above help in the reduction of operational carbon footprint. Apart from these, using local and contextual materials is a useful strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes. Generating energy by renewable sources is also another strategy to reduce the carbon footprint especially in climates where solar radiation is in abundance.

How We Make It Happen

Estimation of Energy Generation & ROI from Solar Panels
Estimation of Energy Generation & ROI from Solar Panels

We provide an initial calculation of the potential energy generation, value proposition, carbon footprint reduction and the return on investment with the help of solar panels. This depends on the amount of roof area available in your home.

Energy Modelling For Your Customised Design
Procuring Reliable & High Efficiency Panels

We install premium quality, long lasting and high efficiency solar panels that also provide the right guidance for care and maintainance throughtout life.

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