Energy Efficient Strategies

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation minimises the cooling requirement by minimising indoor temperature. It helps in reduction of internal heat gains from the harsh solar radiation and prevents heat transfer especially when internal spaces are cooler than the outdoors. It is extremely useful on the roof where maximum heat gain takes place.

Energy Efficient Windows​

Window frame materials and glazing properties impact heat gain that takes place from the glazing. Design features like blinds and shades help in protecting internal spaces from direct solar radiation, hence preventing heat gain. Low-e glass, UPVC frames are some examples of high efficiency windows.

Smart & Efficient Lighting

Smart and Efficient lighting appliances use technology that consumes minimum wattage and emits minimum heat. They minimise energy consumption and contribute to a lower operational carbon footprint.

Creating Air-tight Spaces​

Doors and windows create a possibility for air leakages in the building. It is important to minimise these leakages to maintain a cooler environment internally when the outdoor temperatures are higher. This can be done by carefully sealing joints to contribute to an air tight and efficient building envelope.

How We Make It Happen

Building Envelope Design
Building Envelope Design

Building envelope is the biggest protection of a building against heat gains. It includes design of walls, shade, roof and windows. We design a combination of thermal mass and premium quality next-gen insulation to keep your interior spaces cooler.

Energy Modelling For Your Customised Design
Energy Modelling For Your Customised Design

Each strategy is tested and measured by modelling conditions similar to the built environment. Using appropriate tools to do so gives us closer to reality measurements of the estimated energy consumptions.

Procuring Premium Quality, Green Rated and Energy Efficient Products
Procuring Premium Quality, Green Rated and Energy Efficient Products

The success of the strategies proposed largely depends on the quality of products used and we make sure you get nothing but the best! We ensure high efficiency and green rated products.

Procuring Premium Quality, Green Rated and Energy Efficient Products
Integrating Smart Appliances

Appliances such as smart metres, smart lighting and other automated self learning appliances which further increase the efficiency of your home and contribute to lowering your carbon footprint.

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